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Our Vision

To be the most successful education provider in the region by being a genuine education advisor for the students.

Our Mission

Introduce and conduct courses with a high demand in the national and global job market by obtaining the contribution of well experienced and exceptionally talented lecturers to equip students with the optimum skills, knowledge and experience required to be future leaders.

The Circle campus is an academic institution with the business and technology skills for transforming the knowledge into wisdom driven practice. The campus is a registered company under the Company Act of 2017 in Sri Lanka with the aim of offering world class higher education courses for the students of secondary and tertiary education.

The campus is located in the heart of Southern Part of the Western Province in Sri Lanka in a city called ‘Moratuwa’. The campus is at the periphery of the University of Moratuwa, which is a globally recognised leading university in Sri Lanka.


There is a significant market demand for the below professional courses that the Campus offers for empowering the business sector. 

  • CIMA 
  • ACCA 
  • Higher National Diplomas in ICT
  • Higher National Diploma in Business Management
  • Highet National Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  • Certificate & Diploma courses in Computing, English Language, Robotics & Refregiration and Air-conditioning Techology
  • Microsoft and Cisco Professional Courses

Circle campus is a recognised tuition provider in CIMA. Also a partner in international collaborations with a few international institutions such as University of Essex, UK. The campus is a partner of national, regional and global projects related to Climate Resilience, Urban Planning and Natural Environmental Management as well.


The Circle campus is managed by a well reputed and experienced professionals and senior lecturers in the government universities of Sri Lanka. As a long term strategy, the campus has established its own academy, which is currently having a student base of approx. 1000. With the increasing demand of the students, the management of the campus is planning to do expansions by establishing branches in selected areas within the country.

Due to the increasing demand for higher education courses offered by the foreign universities in collaboration with the local universities, students and their parents had also requested the Circle campus to offer more higher education courses in collaboration with the foreign universities.The management is also in the process of exploring the potential of short courses related to disaster sensitive business management in response to the prevailing global disaster conditions.



We support you to be Wisdom driven and encourage you to join with us.


For general inquiries please contact


inquiries.circlecampus@gmail.com : +94 112646119


lakshika.circlecampus@gmail.com: + 94 76 8189776



For special inquiries we encourage you to contact the senior management


chairman@circlecampus.lk : + 94 76 5998999


ceo@circlecampus.lk:  +94 76 8180960  

Circle Group of Companies

Circle Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd

Circle Institute of Business & Technology (Pvt) Ltd

Win Gate Academy

Circle Group is currently practicing good leadership and management qualities to upgrade its businesses to serve our customers competitively. Also Circle Group is always checking for new business avenues those are in very high demand and are looking for a more better service. 

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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