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Course Content

Month 1. 

  1. Fundamentals of Refrigeration & Air conditioning.
  2. Study of vapor compression refrigeration cycle and calculating performance metrics.
  3. Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers.
  4. Psychometrics chart and calculations.
  5. Indoor air quality.
  6. Heat pump operation with reversing valve

Month 2 

  1. Identification of components of a commercial refrigeration system and their functions/system operation/system pump down cycle/ maintenance & servicing/ Fault finding.
  2. Construction & operation of Refrigeration compressors used in the refrigeration industry/ Capacity control methods/ compressor faults.
  3. Construction & operation of Refrigeration condensers (Air cooled condensers/Water cooled condensers/Evaporative type condensers etc./Servicing & maintenance.
  4. Filter driers and strainers/ non condensable gases in a refrigeration system.
  5. Construction & operation of Cooling towers / faults/ maintenance & servicing.
  6. Construction & operation of refrigerant flow controls.

An Industrial visit is arranged to see a cool room, after two weeks.

Month 3

  1. Construction & operation of different types of evaporators/ Chillers Dx & Flooded type.
  2. Refrigerants & their characteristics / Identification of refrigerants/applications/environmental issues/ Recovery units/Handling of refrigerant cylinders. / Refrigerant & oil relationship /crankcase heaters.
  3. Hydro carbon refrigerant technology.
  4. Refrigeration safety controls & safety devices/ temperature, pressure, air velocity & humidity measuring instruments/ valves and fittings in Refrigerant, chilled water and condenser water piping.
  5. Refrigeration tools & materials/ Ref. pipe work. /Brazing work with Oxy acetylene.
  6. Air conditioning plants: Water cooled and air cooled packaged units/ Air cooled & water cooled chillers/ Direct expansion (DX) central systems/ installations and operation/Servicing & maintenance programme./ Calculating of EER. COP and Kw/Ton rating.

Month 4 

  1. Evaporative cooling systems.
  2. Refrigeration equipment such as Domestic refrigerators/ freezers/ Bottle coolers etc. /repairs, servicing, maintenance & trouble shooting / Leak testing, evacuating & gas charging/Electrical circuits.
  3. Window type air conditioners/installation, repairs & servicing/Trouble shooting/ Leak testing, evacuating & gas charging procedures.
  4. Split type air conditioners: single splits (inverter /non inverter type) and multi splits (inverter type) units /installation, repairs & servicing/Trouble shooting/leak testing, evacuating & gas charging/Electrical circuits.
  5. Single phase & three phase induction motor compressors related to air conditioning/Motor starting devices & protection devices. /motor defects/ Star Delta configurations.
  6. Heat load calculation for a cold room.
  7. Energy saving methods in air conditioned buildings other than plant maintenance.

An industrial visit is arranged to see a central air conditioning system at the end of the course.


Duration: 4 months

Classes will be held on every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30- 9.00p.m

Total course fee: Rs. 15,000.00

Registration fee: Rs. 1,500.00


Fee Structure

Registration Fee Rs.  1,500.00
Course Fee (Full Payment at Once) Rs. 15,000.00


Installment Plans

Total Course Fee – Rs. 15, 000.00

Amount (Rs.) Payment Due Date
First Installment Rs. 3,750.00 Date of Registration
Second Installment Rs. 7,500.00 First week of the second month
Third Installment Rs. 3,750.00 First week of the third month



Comparative Advantages

· Reputed panel of lecturers with the records on high pass rates

· Interaction with the national and global price winners of the respective disciplines

· International exposure

· Free sessions on disaster management

· Support to credit facilities in partnership with the Sampath Bank

· Exposure to modern digital environment

· On-campus & online classes

For more technical details, please contact Mr. Dilantha Silva (0718188329)


For more details, please contact:

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For special inquiries: ceo.circlecampus@gmail.com


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